Prague will take your heart if old castles and cathedrals are on your favourite list

As the wheels of the aeroplane hit the ground, the flock of butterflies looms over my abdomen. I have been here before and I missed this city.

As the wheels of the aeroplane hit the ground, the flock of butterflies looms over my abdomen. I have been here before and I missed this city.

We arrived quite late on Thursday night in Prague and immediately purchased the three-day tickets to the Prague public transport.

The journey by bus (112) and the metro to the city centre (Mustek station) took about 35-45 minutes. We still had 15 minutes walk before we reached the 1. Republic hotel, which was behind the National Museum.

We signed in, put the bags in the room and, by mutual agreement, went to explore the city.

Neither of us, my nor my husband, could sleep yet. We needed adventures, excitement and surprisingly the food was not a bad idea either.

There is a mysterious atmosphere in Prague. I enjoyed the drizzle, the slippery cobblestones and the crumpled street lamps.

We ended up having dinner at an Italian restaurant. In local restaurants, the food was unnecessarily meaty for such a late dinner and Italian wine, served with fresh salad, called me.

Why the cemeteries are so fascinating?

Vyšherad’s Cathedral.

I feel cemeteries restful places. That is why I had a mission to visit Vyšherad’s cemetery where are the graves of writer Jan Neruda and painter Alfons Mucha.

This time we were able to visit the church itself, which was closed on our previous trip. The interior of the church is particularly stunning and has been completely restored. Unfortunately, I did not want to take naps in the church, but there are awesome paintings in the ceiling. You should visit Vyšherad’s Cathedral.

I also tried to visit the famous old Jewish cemetery, but there was a queue and I was not prepared to pay for the visit. Instead, we found a very beautiful synagogue, but it was also closed in winter so we did not get in.

The Jerusalem Synagogue in Prague, whose “horseshoe” reads “This is the gate of the Lord through which righteous ones come.”

Zoo of my dreams was found in Prague

We spent a whole day at the zoo. The zoo was easy to reach by ramp and bus. The cats became familiar and when we got enough of them we jumped to the impressive elevator. It took you to the other side of the zoo.

One animal who refused to appear was a polar bear but I was lucky to see some Elephants.

For the author, Prague offers an inexhaustible source of inspiration

The greatest purpose of my journey was to clear thoughts and find my brain in new synapse paths so that my book project would proceed.

In particular, the Prague Castle during the night offered this. My husband did not mind walking in the alleys and I think even enjoyed my constant blabbering about ghosts and vampires. Saint Vitus Cathedral was at the centre of our adventure and we would not have wanted to leave.

Night time Prague reminded me of the old computer game called Vampire: the Masquerade. I had to take a video clip from there and send it to my sister. We played that game a lot.

On the same trip, we went to the stairs of the restaurant called Fear House. The next trip will have to get to know it more closely. There would have been a horror adventure for those who dare to break their limits, but this time it was not the place where I wanted to go. If you are going to Prague and have enough interest, you can access Fear House’s website here.

St. Vitus Cathedral at night. The cathedral is located in the Prague Castle.

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