Writers Dubrovnik – Croatia

The ultimate destination for every Game of Thrones fan Dubrovnik, did not disappoint with beautiful scenery, but with unfriendly service.

The ultimate destination for every Game of Thrones fan Dubrovnik, did not disappoint with beautiful scenery, but with unfriendly service.

If you forget the bad service and the local workers even hostile attitude (at local grocery), then Dubrovnik is a great place to spend vacation. I imagined that Finland is a country where everyone gets bad service but Dubrovnik was worse. Already at the hotel, only 30 minutes after leaving the airport, I received the first dose.

Our hotel (Grand Hotel Park) was located in the area called Babin Kuk. Overall it was an excellent hotel with air conditioning and swimming pool. I chose it because it was close to the sea but a little further away from the old town. I also found some good recommendations from TripAdvisor.

Public connections to tourist attractions were excellent, but buses were crowded. A few times, everyone did not even get on board. If you are staying in the Babin Kuk area, bus number 6 will take you directly to Dubrovnik’s Old Town.  The trip lasted about 15 minutes from our hotel. Number 6 brings you also back at the Babin Kuk area.

The Wall – I lost my soul and sanity

The walls of the old city were huge, about two kilometers long. We walked through the wall at noon, in the worst heat. I do not recommend it to anybody.

The walls had stunning views of the old town and the sea.

The entrance to the Walls cost 150 bucks, but it was included in the three-day Dubrovnik Card, which we redeemed with my companion so we could go to museums and get bus tickets.

The old town was surprisingly great, so our four-day trip really focused on exploring it. Old streets and buildings made an incredible impact.

We quickly visited Dubrovnik Cathedral and found an Orthodox Church from the old town. Usbensk Cathedral in Finland is much more spectacular, but this was cosy and welcoming.

Price level in Dubrovnik was quite high. Food could be at the same price as in restaurants in Finland, and in particularly at the old town was funded by tourists. The backpackers will surely get cheaper food when looking for reastaurants further away from the heart of the city.

All in all, the city was beautiful, good food and amazing scenery. I recommend Dubrovnik to self-caterers who do not care about local people and are happy to be left alone by locals.

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