Helmet Reading Challenge 2019 is here again

The Reading Challenge is a playful reading project where you choose something new to read from 50 different subjects.

I will take part in Helmet Reading Challenge this year. I have waited long enough to get something new to read and my favourite authors are not fast enough writers. Just a joke. So, the reading challenge is open for everyone and I have shared information about it at Instagram, but I thought it would be wise to share it here too.

You can go to the original website where are all the instructions or you can keep reading this article.

The Reading Challenge is a playful reading project where you choose something new to read from 50 different subjects. Remember the playfulness! It’s more important to have fun and experience new stories than keep a close eye to rules, okay?

Few key points before we start to check the subjects of books.

1. Anyone can join 

Even though the challenge is called The Helmet Reading Challenge in reference to the Helmet Libraries, any readers who want to take part in the challenge are more than welcome to do so.

2. No-stress challenge 

When you join the reading challenge remember that it is intended to increase the joy of reading and not stress. Therefore, read-only as many books as you have time for. 

3. Free-style challenge 

The goal of the Helmet Reading Challenge is to give you inspiration; you can make your own rules.

4. The shared joy of reading is multiplied

Please share everything at your social media accounts! Use hashtag #helmetreadingchallenge2019 so we can find each other and look for books others have found.

5. Help is always available 

Having a hard time finding suitable books for the challenge subjects? Don’t worry, help is near! Go visit your library or check the reading challenge Facebook group. The library staff or other readers will help you.

Helmet Reading Challenge 2019: How to choose books and what order?

1. The book cover has a human face on it
2. Someone is looking for a missing person or an item in the book 
3. A book from a genre you don’t usually read
4. The only book written by the author
5. The book has been a nominee for a book prize in your homeland
6. A romance novel
7. A book about a place you have visited
8. A book whose reading belongs to general knowledge in your opinion
9. A book recommended by someone under 18 years old
10. A book written by a person of colour
11. A book about women’s role  in society
12. A book connected to Great Britain
13. A book for children or youth from your homeland
14. The authors last name starts with the same letter as yours
15. A taboo is dealt within the book A book about a taboo
16. A story that shifts between reality and unreality
17. There are twins in the book
18. A book written by a European writer
19. You don’t like the title of the book
20. The book deals with a culture that you are not familiar with
21. A book written by a celebrity
22. A book about climate change
23. The book title has a name of a country in it
24. Book chosen from a bookshelf with your eyes closed
25. A book from an author you have never read before
26. A book that you see someone you don’t know reading
27. The book is some way based on Nordic mythology
28. There is a moon on the book cover
29. Someone is dreaming in the book
30. The book cover has a city landscape on it
31. Someone travels by metro in the book
32. The book title has a profession in it
33. You have seen a movie based on the book
34. The book has writings by several writers in it
35. There is an entrepreneur or company in the book
36. Someone is alone in the book
37. A book published by a small publisher
38. A banned book
39. A book about the relationship between humans and animals
40. A book about mental health problems
41. A book about a time period you would like to live in
42. You like the name of the author
43. A book that follows the growth of a child to adulthood
44. A book about Berlin
45. The book title has a negative in it
46. The book has a trans or non-binary character in it
47. The book has less than 100 pages
48. The book has a hearing-impaired or visually impaired character in it
49. A book published in 2019
50. A book recommended by library personnel

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