Review: The Kiss Thief from LJ Shen

I finished – The Kiss Thief- from LJ Shen

This book was recommended to me via Amazon and it has reviews 4,8/5,0

BUT I did not like it at all. Have this happened to you that you do not like a book that others loved?

  • Title: The Kiss Thief
  • Writer: L. J. Shen
  • Genre: Romance, New Adult Romance 
  • Length: 320 pages
  • My rating: 1/5 ⭐️
  • Version: eBook from Apple bookstore

Even the start position was bad: The hero is a 30 years old senator (not possible) and the heroine is a 19-year-old lady whose father is a part of the mob. The heroine is in love in an Italian Made Man but this Senator kidnaps the lady and forces her to marry him. C’mon, some originality would be really good!

The book goes back and forth between the characters and there is no bigger picture anywhere. As the Senator’s bad temper and cruel mind come forth, I like the book even less because it is written badly. I like dark romance, this wasn’t it. This tried to be romantic.

One person (Mamma Mia) wrote a review I should have read before buying this book and if it’s U, thank you for thinking the same as me 💕

Stolen from Amazon for U. Sorry Mamma Mia, but I had to add this here. Your review was straight from my soul!

Mamma Mia’s review – January 13, 2019 ”I am going to be in the minority on this book and say I couldn’t finish it. I made it to about the 60% point and put it down. I hated the both the hero and heroine. The hero was vindictive and cruel. I enjoy “bad boy” books but normally the hero has positives. I couldn’t find a single positive with Wolfe and I couldn’t see him redemption. I also hated the heroine. She was weak and spineless. She was a willing victim to the plight between her father and Wolfe. She accepted the situations without any pushback.

Mentions of The Kiss Thief by LJ Shen at Amazon

  • #1 Contemporary Romance
  • #1 New Adult Romance
  • #2 Most sold book on Amazon
  • #2 Most sold Fiction book on Washington Post
  • Top 2 book in the entire Amazon Kindle store

If you are interested about the book, you can buy it from Amazon:

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