Review: The Angels of Hammurabi from Max Seeck

Finished Angels of Hammurabi from Max Seeck

  • Title: The Angels of Hammurabi
  • Writer: Max Seeck
  • Genre: #thriller 💕
  • Length: 13h 12min
  • My rating: 4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Version: Audio Book from Storytel

Thrillers are hard to write. It is even harder to write a thriller with flashbacks because it’s easy to mess with the atmosphere. Max Seeck has done a wonderful job.

The start was a little bit slow and there were many characters. If I would have read it, I think it would have been easier to follow, but I listened to the audiobook. Angels of Hammurabi was fast paced action packed thriller the left me wanting more. The skillfully written text told enough at the right places.

I stayed more hooked on characters than the story itself. In the end, I wasn’t even interested in what had happened to Jare Westerlund. I waited for the solutions of the main character’s personal life.  There were also many side characters that were very interesting.

The cliffhanger at the end of the book was surprising. I loved it. I am sure I’ll read or listen to the next book too.

Read more about this book from Goodreads:

*** The Description ***

Jare Westerlund, an employee of the Finnish Embassy in Zagreb goes missing. The local police has no leads, except for the anonymous threats Westerlund has received before his disappearance. Daniel Kuisma from the Finnish Defence Forces is sent to investigate, along with Annika Lehto from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The investigation gets unexpectedly complicated when the mysteries of the past start to unravel on the stony shores of the Adriatic Sea.

Kuisma knows Croatia like the back of his hand from his days as a peacekeeper during the Yugoslav Wars, and it seems he has been waging a war of his own ever since. What really happened twenty years ago?

In the same war fought the Italian Antonio Franzo, who dodges a murder attempt in Dubrovnik. Soon he finds out that also the other men who took part in a secret operation during the war are in danger, amongst them one Finn.

The ministry has insisted on sending Lehto, a relatively inexperienced young official, on the mission. Is there more than meets the eye in the woman who stops the show with her beauty?

It all seems to boil down to a group called The Angels of Hammurabi. Who are they – and who is killing them off, one by one?

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