Review: Prinssi jolla ei ollut sydäntä from Anu Kuusenoksa

Finished reading A Prince Who Had No Heart – Prinssi jolla ei ollut sydäntä from Anu Kuusenoksa

The book was in Finnish so I am going to use the books real name in Finnish in this review.

Title: Prinssi jolla ei ollut sydäntä
Writer: Anu Kuusenoksa
Genre: #adultfantasy #paranormal
Length: 544 pages
My rating: 3/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Version: Paperback

The book in three words: Promising, Speedy, Intriguing

First I have to say that I usually like the first-person point of view more but this book couldn’t have handled it. There was so much going on all the time that it had to have multiple point of views. Although there were times that I got confused of the characters because there were many. And by that I mean a lot of characters!

The main character was Aurora who was human. I didn’t like her much because we didn’t have anything common. She was self-centred and naïve. I could not see her growing/evolving in this book much. The reason might be that the book was not about feelings and self-preservation it was more about the story and the plotlines going forward.

I gave this book three stars out of five. It had a lot of potential that was not delivered in a good way. Too many plot points and twists made the reading hard. I would have given more room to the side characters, to their history and their hopes and wishes.

All in all the book was a good read and I will recommend it to everyone who wants to have a fast-paced paranormal reading on a rainy day. I will continue this series to second book soon and will give a review of that too so stay tuned.

To hear a Finnish review of this book, go check my new Youtube Channel: https://youtu.be/9Icm5l-UohA


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