Review: Seireenit by Anu Kuusenoksa

Finished reading Seireenit from Anu Kuusenoksa

Title: Seireenit
Writer: Anu Kuusenoksa
Genre: #fantasy #adultfantasy
Length: 390 pages
My rating: 4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Version: Paperback in Finnish 🇫🇮

The book in three words: otherworldly, different, fast-paced


Aurora’s life has changed radically over a year. Responsibility as a mother of a small child weighs. Her anxiety is increased by the fact that she has not heard of Judas after the events of the Amir House.

Bardiya’s attention is drawn by the descendants of Carlo, who challenge the bloodlines of Bardiya and Meir. However, fate is messing with the course of events, and by chance, the real threat comes in a form that no one could have guessed.

Aurora is left alone with her child and has to ask for help from an unlikely person. The battle for the existence of vampires begins. Aurora is facing an impossible challenge. Will she be able to save her family from an overwhelmingly powerful enemy? Will a new vampire species end in millennia-long bloodlines?

The Sirens are a Prince who did not have a heart-follow-up book that carries Aurora closer to the end point of her story.


The book continues the story of Aurora, a human woman in a world of vampires. At the beginning of the book, she still hasn’t learned to be an adult. There were times Aurora acted so badly that I wished her vampire companion Bardiya would react to it. Especially the scene at the beach made me think that Aurora might have lost her mind after having a child. Aurora’s behaviour does not get any better later so I could not relate her problems at all.

But, the most exceptional part of this book is the style its written. Vampire stories are often quite boring and feel like the same story over and over, but Anu Kuusenoksa does it differently. On that regard, this book is a must read!!! It really gives a new point of view of vampires and that is remarkable 🤩

I can not share the books end-game, but you will be heavily surprised and I think you’ll end up loving it as much as I did. I gave the book four stars out of five and the one star is missing because I could not empathize the characters. I need a character who makes my heart beat and unfortunately, Seireenit did not do that to me. The story, on the other hand, did it and saved the reading experience.

I am sorry to inform, that this book is not yet translated to English. Hence the bad translation on Description part done by me.

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