Review: The Mephisto Touch from Max Seeck

Finished reading The Mephisto Touch from Max Seeck

Title: The Mephisto Touch – Mefiston kosketus
Writer: Max Seeck
Genre: #thriller #crime
Length: 408 pages
My rating: 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Version: E-Book from Storytel in Finnish 🇫🇮

The book in three words: heart-stopping, thrilling, sophisticated


Missing-presumed-dead Finnish diplomat, Jare Westerlund has fled from Croatia on a forged passport, leaving behind a decapitated body and his trail goes cold at Stockholm airport.

When Interpol officer Annika Lehto hears of his escape, she abandons her sick leave to go off in pursuit of Westerlund, with the aid of special forces specialist Daniel Kuisma. What follows is a dramatic chain of events, from northern Norway, to San Francisco, to The Hague, as the pair continue the chase.  The further their investigations go, the clearer it becomes that the man they are after has not merely gone astray; his true nature is far worse than anyone had imagined . . .


The story behind Jare Westerlund bothered me after the first book of this series and I was really happy to see that this second book was mainly about him. You should definitely read the first book of the series before reading this book. It helps when you know the backstory of the characters.

The book kept its grip and the excitement only intensified the further it progressed. The starting point was challenging but Seeck got the story rolling very fast. What surprised me though was Max Seeck’s amazing ability to continue deepening the side characters from the first book. The main characters were in a static place and didn’t evolve much. It didn’t bother me as the other characters took so much place and gave more information from the past.

I really wish I could share the best plot points but I can’t as I do not wish to spoil the reading experience. I gave this book five stars out of five. It’s rare from me as I do not usually enjoy thrillers or crime novels so much. Seeck has a special talent to write the story and give me an expression of an adventure book rather than a crime novel. The story flows so easily and hooks you immediately. It’s difficult to stop reading or listening to an audiobook.

Sadly, this book is not translated into English. I hope it was so I could link the ebook here. This is a must read and I have already started to read the third book.

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