Helmet reading challenge 2019 – How did it go?

I took part in Helmet’s reading challenge (Finnish Library reading challenge), but I couldn’t quite complete all the topics. I have also added links to the ones that I have reviewed if you like to check what I thought about the books. No spoilers, I promise.

There are few topics I could easily find a book if I’d just scroll through all the 100 books I have read, but I decided not to push it just for the sake of filling them to the empty places. Same goes with finding authors with the same name than me or finding a book where someone uses subway – I did not want to read something I don’t want to read.

Helmet Reading Challenge 2019 topics – I finished 26 books out of 50

1. The book cover has a human face on it
📚 Stephen King – Sleeping beauty

2. Someone is looking for a missing person or an item in the book
📚  Leigh Bardugo – Shadow and Bones

3. A book from a genre you don’t usually read
📚 Juha Valste: Evolution

4. The only book written by the author

5. The book has been a nominee for a book prize in your homeland
📚 Pajtim Statovci – Bolla

6. A romance novel
📚 Donna Augustine – Gut Deep

7. A book about a place you have visited
📚 Max Seeck – The Angels of Hammurabi

8. A book whose reading belongs to general knowledge in your opinion
📚  Yuval Noah Harari – Homo Deus

9. A book recommended by someone under 18 years old
📚 Dustin Growick – Dinosaurs A to Z

10. A book written by a person of colour
📚 Tomi Adeyemi – Children of Blood and Bones

11. A book about women’s role  in society
📚 Margaret Atwood – The Handmaid’s tale

12. A book connected to Great Britain
📚 V. E. Schwab – A Conjuring of Light

13. A book for children or youth from your homeland
📚 Tom Jackson – The Magnificent Book of Dinosaurs

14. The authors last name starts with the same letter as yours
15. A taboo is dealt within the book or A book about a taboo
16. A story that shifts between reality and unreality

17. There are twins in the book
📚  Margaret Weis – Soulforged

18. A book written by a European writer
19. You don’t like the title of the book

20. The book deals with a culture that you are not familiar with
📚  Juha Valste – Neanderthal

21. A book written by a celebrity
22. A book about climate change
23. The book title has a name of a country in it
24. Book chosen from a bookshelf with your eyes closed

25. A book from an author you have never read before
📚 L. J. Shen – A kiss thief

26. A book that you see someone you don’t know reading
📚 Sarah J. Maas – A Court of Thorns and Roses

27. The book is some way based on Nordic mythology
📚 Neil Gaiman – Norse Mythology

28. There is a moon on the book cover
📚 Amie Kauffman – Aurora Rising

29. Someone is dreaming in the book

30. The book cover has a city landscape on it
📚 Max Seeck – Uskollinen lukija

31. Someone travels by metro in the book

32. The book title has a profession in it
📚 Pepper Winters – The Body Painter

33. You have seen a movie based on the book
34. The book has writings by several writers in it

35. There is an entrepreneur or company in the book
📚 Antti Tuomainen – The man who died

36. Someone is alone in the book

37. A book published by a small publisher
📚 Simone Buchholz – Revolverisydän

38. A banned book
📚 Suzanne Collins – The Hunger Games

39. A book about the relationship between humans and animals
40. A book about mental health problems

41. A book about a time period you would like to live in
📚 Kerri Maniscalco – Stalking Jack the Ripper

42. You like the name of the author
📚 Shelby Mahurin – Serpent & Dove

43. A book that follows the growth of a child to adulthood
44. A book about Berlin
45. The book title has a negative in it
46. The book has a trans or non-binary character in it
47. The book has less than 100 pages
48. The book has a hearing-impaired or visually impaired character in it

49. A book published in 2019
📚 Holly Black – Queen of Nothing

50. A book recommended by library personnel

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