Review: The Eleven by Paul Gaskill

I enjoyed the grown-up feeling of the story: The harsh background of the characters and the honest way things were described.

I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review and here it comes without spoilers.

Title: The Eleven
Writer: Paul Gaskill
Genre: #fantasy #adultfantasy
Length: 445
Version: E-Book, Kindle, Available on Amazon

Keira has sworn to kill the men who imprisoned and abused her as a child.

Rowan is an assassin who chooses a girl over his mission.

Sirris is the first slave to ever escape the Drosaws, and the first to ever encounter a Dragon.

Dess is a Kyte, and his powers are beyond anything his realm has seen before.

The lives of four people will change forever as they unite to bring the rulers of the land to their knees. But will they change for the better?


Warning ⚠️ This books is not for young adult. This is fantasy with darker sides which are not suitable for young people.


At the beginning of the book, it becomes clear that the writing is excellent. I enjoyed the grown-up feeling of the story: The harsh background of the characters and the honest way things were described.

At some point in the setup (first quarter), I had problems with the multiple characters and with the new names and cultures, but I did not give up and continued reading. It was rewarded and I suggest to continue reading even if the beginning might feel difficult. It was hard to keep it together with the past and present and multiple characters, but the story is worth it, trust me!

There were slower parts where nothing significant occurred or it felt so, but in the end all of those scenes were wrapped together. I am actually quite surprised how fast the last half of the book went as the first half seemed to be everlasting 😂

The characters were more or less interesting. The only thing that bothered me was the black and white dimension: The bad guys were really bad guys? Only the good guys had dimensions, motives that we’re grey and not totally white. And some of the characters even gave surprises which is always a good thing in a book. My favorite character was Sirris and his bravery and wisdom.

I gave this book four stars out of five ⭐⭐⭐⭐
It was excellent read 👍

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